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Human Resources Dept meeting on assessing intermediate cadres and group leaders for 2011
The Human Resources Department held its meeting for 2011 on the assessment process for intermediate cadres and group leaders at 4:00 pm on March 1, 2012, on Floor 2 of the main building of the Chemical Industry's Southwest Research & Design Institute, with 49 intermediate cadres and group leaders of the institute's various organizations in attendance.

Yu Changhong, the deputy head of Human Resources explained the assessment process for intermediate cadres and group leaders, for the gathering, in detail with a PowerPoint presentation, and noted that it was based on experience gained through the previous assessment process. It mainly uses a straight-line assessment process with an additional 360-degree assessment, done on an anonymous basis. This time, a self-evaluation was also added. The assessment was done in the following way: first, the subject of the assessment selects at least 12 people, including 1~2 superior personnel, 3~5 subordinates, 3~5 colleagues involved in the same work, and 3~5 internal clients. Second, 8-10 people to do the assessment are selected at random from the preceding list of people. Yu emphasized the importance in the assessment process of creating a sort of "mirror" through which the person being assessed can get to know himself or herself better, with the ultimate aim of helping that person improve their performance. In this way, Yu said, it is possible to establish a partnership between superiors and subordinates and orient them to the organization's goals and guide them in assessing their potential and in their career development.

The chairman, Li Chengxuan, wrapped up the session by saying that the assessment process had been approved by the institute and that all those present needed to give their full attention to it and participate fully in the assessment process. Managing performance is a global concern, Li added, and this mode of assessment can not be absolutely perfect. In conclusion, Li said that anyone who encountered a problem in the process should contact those in charge, because establishing a reliable performance management system can be a long, arduous process and it is necessary to take it one step at a time.
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