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SWCHEM’s High Performance Programmed Control Valve Exported to Europe
Source: 西南院 Date: 2020-08-10

Recently, the antibiotic series high-performance programmed control valve independently developed and produced by Southwest Chemical  Institute Co., Ltd.(SWCHEM) has completed assembly work and is ready to be shipped to the project site in Belarus. This batch of pneumatic program-controlled valves will be used in CITIC's Belarusian aggro-industrial integration project under a contract signed in April this year. This task was completed with quality and quantity during the current epidemic.

SWCHEM is a licensor of proprietary chemical technology, a general contractor of Class A Engineering Design Qualification, as well as a professional valve manufacturer. The antibiotic series high-performance programmed control valves exported to Europe are based on previous similar valves, but optimized to meet the special requirements for antibiotic manufacturing. The internal structure has been re-designed  to minimize residual dead volume and deliver higher reliability. These valves are especially suitable for sites requiring strict sterilization to meet the high strict quality requirements of our European customers.

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