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SWCHEM’s International Hydrogen Energy Standard Helps Boosting the Development
of Australia's Hydrogen Energy Sector
Source: 西南院 Date: 2020-08-03

Recently, Australia has formally approved and passed eight international hydrogen energy industrial standards to help shape Australia’s commitment to a cleaner and more affordable energy future. Among them, SA TS 19883:2020, “Safety of pressure swing adsorption system for hydrogen separation and purification” (ISO/TS19883:2017, MOD) of which the drafting was led by Southwest Chemical Institute Co., Ltd. (SWCHEM) of China.

SWCHEM has world class technologies and experiences in designing and implementing engineering projects in hydrogen production from industrial exhaust gas, hydrogen recovery from industrial by-products, hydrogen production from coal, hydrogen production from methanol, hydrogen production from natural gas, hydrogen storage and transportation, filling and quality testing of hydrogen refueling stations, and etc. SWCHEM provides diversified hydrogen production technologies and high-quality engineering solutions to comprehensively assist the application and development of hydrogen energy.

As China’s leading supplier in hydrogen energy technology, SWCHEN has taken the lead in drafting five hydrogen energy-related standards, including: GB/T37244-2018 “Fuel specification for proton exchange membrane fuel cell vehicles-Hydrogen”; GB/T34540-2017 “Specification of hydrogen production by methanol reforming and pressure swing adsorption”; GB/T34584-2017 “Safety technical regulations for hydrogen refueling stations”; GB/T29729-2013 “Essential requirements for the safety of hydrogen systems”, and etc.

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