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SWCHEM Won the Bid for Super Large PSA Unit
of Hengyi Brunei PMB Phase II Project over International Competitors, Again
Source: 西南院 Date: 2020-08-24

On August 22, Southwest Chemical Institute Co., Ltd. (SWCHEM) received the winning bid notice from Hengyi (Brunei) Co., Ltd., SWCHEM defeated international competitors in the bidding for all six of units of the super large PSA project of the Hengyi Brunei PMB Phase II petrochemical project , a total hydrogen production capacity exceeding 600,000 Nm3/h per hour.

The Hengyi Brunei PMB petrochemical project is an oversea large-scale petrochemical project invested by Chinese enterprise, and it is also a key project of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and a key joint project between China and Brunei. The phase I of the project was launched in 2013. At that time, SWCHEM won the bid for the 220,000 Nm3/h super large PSA plant , which is also China’s largest PSA plant exported overseas.

It is for the outstanding performance of the PMB Phase I PSA plant, high-quality adsorbents and programmed control valve products, advanced control technology, and efficient technical service, of which together ensured the stable and good operation of the plant, SWCHEM won trust and recognition of Hengyi Brunei. In preparation for the bidding of the super large PSA unit of the phase II PMB project, SWCHEM organized an elite team to optimize process. The team adopted SWCHEM’s proprietary cross-flushing twin forward-gas buffer tank process. The technology of this process stands at an internationally leading level, compared with the fast cycle process, hydrogen recovery rate is higher and the device operation is more stable and reliable. It is for this reason, SWCHEM won over multiple competitors both inside and outside of China, again.

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