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SWCHEM Held Kick-off Meeting for Henyi’s Brunei Large-scale PSA Project
Source: 西南院 Date: 2020-09-09

Recently, the kick-off meeting for the second phase of the Hengyi (Brunei) PMB project contracted to Southwest Chemical Institute Co., Ltd. (SWCHEM) to construct six sets of large-scale PSA units was held in Hengyi Group headquarters, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. This meeting was called upon by the asset owner Henyi(Brunei). In addition to SWCHEM, all of the other equipment contractors of the PSA project, including Sinopec Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., China Huanqiu Engineering Co., Ltd., and Sinopec Luoyang Engineering Co., Ltd., have attended the meeting.

Since it was announced on August 22nd that SWCHEM won the bid for the super-large PSA project with a total hydrogen production capacity of 600,000 cubic meters, all work has been in full swing. During the three-day meeting, all parties involved discussed the successful experience of the PMB Phase I PSA project undertaken by SWCHEM, clarified the division of tasks, the scope of supply, and determined the design schedule. The successful convening of the kick-off meeting marked the official start of the construction of the project.

The six PSA units of Hengyi Industries (Brunei) PMB Phase II project have a total hydrogen output of more than 600,000 cubic meters per hour.The types of feed gas for individual device are highly diverse, including more than a dozen typical hydrogen-containing sources such as shift gas, reformed gas, low-pressure separator gas, and ethylene hydrogen, which are extremely technically challenging. SWCHEM has organized a team to optimize processes. The team adopted SWCHEM’s proprietary cross-flushing twin forward-gas buffer tank process. The technology of this process stands at an internationally leading level, compared with the fast cycle process, the hydrogen recovery rate has an apparent advantage and the device operation is more stable and reliable.

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