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Catalyst CNZ-1 of SWRCHEM had Successfully Started Up on the Largest Methanol to Hydrogen Productio
Source: 西南院 Date: 2021-02-03

Good news came when the Spring Festival of 2021 was around the corner. The CNZ-1 methanol to hydrogen catalyst developed by Southwest Chemical Institute (SWRCHEM) was successfully put into operation in the 60000 Nm3/h methanol cracking to hydrogen production plant of Shandong Luqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd., The current operating capacity of the plant is at a record breaking 110%, and the operating temperature of the catalyst is 250-260 degrees, the residual alcohol in the low-temperature sour water is ≤1%, many performance indicators of the plant are better than the designed values. After Shandong Dongfang Hualong Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. in 2020, SWRCHEM has once again supplied catalyst to the largest methanol to hydrogen plant of the time, making the CNZ-1 methanol to hydrogen catalyst of SWRCHEM a true leader in its class.

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