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SWRCHEM Awarded Contract for the Largest Domestic Coke Oven Gas to Methanol Plant
Source: 西南院 Date: 2021-02-01

Recently, Southwest Chemical Institute (SWRCHEM) and Inner Mongolia Dongri New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. had signed a contract that appointed SWRCHEM as the engineering design contractor for a coke oven gas comprehensive utilization project. The project will use coke oven gas to produce 500,000 tons/year of methanol and co-produce 150,000 tons/year of synthetic ammonia, which is currently the largest single series coke oven gas to methanol plant in China.

The project will use coke oven gas from by-products of a 3.6 million tons coking plant of the Inner Mongolia Dongri New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. as raw materials to produce methanol and synthetic ammonia. This project will further promote the value addition of local advantageous resources. When in full operation, the annual revenue of the plant is projected to be over 1.5 billion yuan, delivering environmental and economical dual benefits. The project will use SWRCHEM's proprietary technologies such as methanol production from coke oven gas, and high-pressure hydrogen extraction from off gas, providing customers with world class performance in product quality, energy consumption and plant emission.

As a pioneer and a leader in the comprehensive utilization of industrial exhaust gas in China, Southwest Chemical has multiple patented technologies and has created a number of leading engineering projects both at home and abroad. Up to now, over 30 industrial projects for the production of methanol from coke oven gas, and more than 10 industrial projects for the production of liquid ammonia from methanol purge gas have been built using SWRCHEM's technology. SWRCHEM offers services in engineering consulting, design, general contracting and other integrated engineering services, as well as products such as catalysts and program-controlled valves, to help shape a circular economy and a more sustainable way of developing.

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