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Successfully Replaced International Supplier in Catalyst for Super Large Hydrogen Production Units
Source: 西南院 Date: 2021-02-05

2021 at SWRCHEM has a good start, the reforming hydrogen production catalyst of Southwest Chemical Institute (SWRCHEM) has successfully started up and put into operation successively in the 120,000Nm3/h and 50,000Nm3/h conversion hydrogen production units of PetroChina Yunnan Petrochemical.

The two reforming hydrogen production plants both used reforming catalyst from SWRCHEM. Currently, the operating indicators of the two plants surpassed their designed values. After Shenhua Ordos coal-to-oil 85000 Nm3/h hydrogen production unit and PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical's 80,000Nm3/h hydrogen production unit  SWRCHEM's catalyst had successfully replaced catalyst previously supplied by international companies on super large hydrogen production plant again. SWRCHEM has taken another solid step towards the goal of being a “domestic leading and internationally renowned” catalyst supplier.

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