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Sticking to improvements and competing for excellence
Source: ChemChina Date: 2012-03-11

The Chemical Industry’s Southwest Research and Design Institute (SWRDICI) Party committee has made a constant effort to encourage employees to compete for excellence and superiority, through various activities and careful organization. Party members place great importance to this and have done a lot to increase the activities. The focus is on clear goals in the activities and completing assignments in a series of activities, such as "Taking the lead in learning and achievements and serving the people" and "Creating innovative, efficient Party branches" to connect the corporation to their own position.

The Institute’s Party committee promoted the "four good" (organizations) and "four outstanding" (Party organizations), while going ahead with its plan to let more talented people join the Party and improve controls on "small treasuries". It also developed a 12th Five-Year Plan, in accordance with ChemChina and China Haohua Chemical Corp needs and based on a summary of 11th Five-Year Plan work, while keeping the needs of the country and the market in mind.

The Institute was given the National Outstanding Unit in Corporate Culture award, National High-tech Enterprise award, and National Enterprise or Unit in IPR award, which also showed how much Party members have improved their understanding of theory and quality, and how active they are in their work and in striving to be exemplary, and this contributed a great deal to hitting the company’s annual target. 

In 2012, the Institute’s Party committee will follow upper Party committee requests to enhance awareness and improve organization levels. At the same time, it will focus on new achievements to welcome the Party Congress and on production and business objectives, through organizational development. It will also do some more solid research and development of new technologies and products, speed up the development and utilization of industrial findings, build more innovative platforms such as the key State laboratories, and push informationization.

Through continued improvements and innovations, it will further reform management in research, production, finances, personnel, procurement, and marketing and will hold more activities that promote competition for excellence and superiority, and greet the 18th CPC National Congress with some very practical actions.

(Contributed by Yaolu, Party and policy office)

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